Monday, April 04, 2011

RV roof repairs at a great price

We've mentioned our love for EternaBond repair tape for years. Leaks in your RV's roof are a major headache, and RVers have tried (and continue to try) just about anything to stop leaks. Pour on some sealant, stick on some duct tape; we've seen folks who've even tried using old tire intertubes. Forget all that!

As we've often written, EternaBond can help you make a repair on just about any kind of RV roof material in a hurry. EternaBond is a micro sealant tape that installs simply: Clean up the area to be repaired, cut off the correct length of the tape, peel off the backing, press the tape down on the repair area, and rub the dickens out of it. It works--and it lasts.

The problem that many RVers have found is the expense. One mail-order RV supplier will sell you a roll of EternaBond, 4" x 50' for a stiff $70 bill, plus shipping. It tends to make one shy away from this fine product, and then leaves the same person grumbling after tearing a hole in their rubber roof with a low-hanging branch.

Now Walmart has stepped into the breach, offering a "repair kit" containing a 3" x 24" chunk of EternaBond along with the company recommended scrubbing pad, used to prep the surface to be repaired. Total cost? $9.97 plus applicable sales tax. That price should allow every RVer to carry a bit of this "RV first aid kit" in their tool box. We found it hanging out in the RV supplies section in a smaller "Wally" in Arizona.


philton said...

So let me get this right. It's now cheaper to buy a 24 inch piece of Eternabond Tape for $9.97? That comes to about $4.50 per foot when you add the small piece of ScotchBrite they have to scrub the area. Why not get together with a few friends and purchase a roll for $1.40 per foot and divide it up with everyone? This seems to make more sense.

Larry said...

What philton said. I don' shop at Wal-Mart - ever - so for me the point is moot. I'll buy the full roll, use what I need and put the rest for sale on the bulletin board of the local RV park.


Bob said...

Eternabond is indeed a good product... though a tad pricey. From my experience another good product similar to Eternabond is called Quick Roof. Six-inch wide X 25-foot roll costs about $30.00... in white.

Brief product description: Permanent repair for metal and fiberglass roofs. Now with a white enamel coating, Quick Roof’s super-reinforced aluminum surface will instantly repair RVs, mobile homes, trucks, trailers, skylights, flashings, or anywhere recurring leaks are a problem. Just peel off the release paper, and press in place for a permanent repair. Not for EPDM roofs.


RV Spirit said...

Eternabond tape is *much* cheaper if you buy it at a roofing supply house! Typically about $50 for a 4" roll vs camping places' high prices. Also Eternabond tape now comes in several different colors, textures and even a metallic. Roofing supply house will have samples or small rolls for as little as $2.95 for a sample roll of 2-3 ft. of 2 inch material.

Anonymous said...

I tried Eternabond on my 37' pace arrow with a fiberglass roof. I prepped as instructed, but it came loose. didn't work for me.

oldfoxbob said...

Or stop in at your local hardware store and buy the big roll 3' X 35' for about $75.00 Its under a name of
"Peal and stick roofing" Its aluminum foil with a sticky tar like substance. I bought an old RV and redid it. Used this stuff to re do the whole roof. That was three years ago and have not had One leak since. Cost me a lot less than the $2500 for a new rubber roof. Oldfoxbob