Sunday, April 03, 2011

Protect your electronic gear from rain, sea spray and blowing sand or dust

If you're an active RVer who spends afternoons hiking, backpacking, boating or maybe jumping sand dunes in your ATV, you should get to know a company called Aquapac®. Makers of 100 percent waterproof protective cases, they've rolled out a new product line called Stormproof™, a colorful 14-item collection of affordable waterproof packs and pouches designed for outdoor use.

Need to take your smart phone on the trail but it looks like it might rain? No problem. Aquapac has cases designed for iPhones and others which will allow you to keep your phone tightly sealed still use it. Your touchscreen and camera are fully functional through the windows provided and you'll be able to hear your calls just fine.

With cases specially designed for phones, cameras, iPods, iPads, Kindles and other electronic gear Aquapac promises protection from such force of water that even a fire hose can't penetrate. Pack it all up in an Aquapac backpack and you're good to go, rain, dust or snow.

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