Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For the campground bbq chef who thought he had everything...

You, my friend, are about to become the most popular camper in the entire RV park, campground, the stadium parking lot and in your own backyard. If you've about had it with mini grills or if you just want to blow some minds, check out the Carson Rotisserie, the most popular portable grill sweeping the country today.

This baby is a 7-skewer, charcoal fired, Brazilian style rotisserie cooker that, get this... folds up into a metal suitcase and stashes neatly into a cargo hold or trunk!

Just voted the most popular portable grill in America in a reader poll conducted by Barbecue Guide Derek Riches, it ain't cheap (introductory priced at $599) but you campground pit bosses are guaranteed to be salivating just from watching this video.

To see how it sets up, check out the second video.

SEVEN rotating skewers?? No spit!

How does all that stuff come out of a suitcase? Here's how:

To learn more or to order one of these bad boys right now go to

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