Sunday, March 20, 2011

Extend your evenings outdoors with this heated camp chair

Put another log on the fire and crank up the heat on your Chaheati™. Now you can roast hot dogs and warm your buns at the same time.

What the devil is a Chaheati? It's a canvas camp chair with a rechargeable heating system. It has four settings ranging from body temperature 98.6 to a bone-warming 145 degrees, providing up to six hours of heat before needing a recharge.

How many times in the past have you had to abandon a nice campfire to seek refuge from the cold inside your motorhome or trailer? Maybe your back muscles ache after a long day's hike. If this clever device extends your evening outdoor time even by half an hour it might be worth looking into. It's lightweight, water resistant and comes with its own carrying case.

List price: $89.99, Chaheati has a weigh restriction of 280 pounds. Read all about it at .

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