Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Space saving Wondawedge also helps prevent back pain

RV living has its challenges. One is space. If you've followed the RVers old adage that for everything you bring aboard, something must go off, the Wondawedge helps solve a space problem and be a comfort-producing healthy addition as well.

If you relax or read in bed, at the beach, by a stream, or just about anywhere, the inflatable Wondawedge back support wedge will be your preferred companion. But it may also replace some of those pillows that you use in your RV to prop yourself up in bed to read. And since it was designed by a couple of physiotherapists to be a full-sized back support it is both comfortable and helps prevent back pain from poor posture (as when piles of pillows are propped up behind you) as well.

A nice--and useful--feature is the attached mat, so that your body weight (lying on the mat) prevents the wedge from slipping away or sliding out from under you. It is low tech, low maintenance, easily inflated with any hand, foot, or electric pump (not included), and deflates and stows away in a mini plastic bag for easy portability and stowage. For more information and where to buy, check the Wondawedge Web site.

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