Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maxxair's back--with more lid stability

If you've ever tried the Maxxair vent system, you probably love it in a lot of ways. Maxxair provides a powered roof vent system, that definitely moves a high volume of air through your rig without chewing up a lot of battery power. The fancier systems even provide thermostatic control, and even rain detectors to shut off and close your roof vent at the first hint of precipitation.

We've got Maxxair systems in two of our rigs, and we find them great--to a degree. When the wind blows, those old vent lids start to rattle, and stomachs begin to tie up in knots, wondering if the whole shebang is going to cut loose and head for Kansas. The same emotional gripping occurs when you roll down the highway with the roof vent open: That persistent flapping just jars the nerves, and soon, you'll be shutting the vent lid out of a sense of self-preservation.

Well Maxxair is working on a solution for those of us without nerves of steel: The new generation of MaxxFan arrives on scene with two (not one) lifting arms to eliminate those nasty fluttering noises, and hopefully eliminate the butterflies from your road trip stomach. It also comes with a shiny 10 speed control, giving you far more choices in how fast to vent in (or exhaust out) than we've got on our old school three speed models. All this and promised ease of installation in a standard 14 x 14 inch roof openings.

We're not about to say these are inexpensive: The standard model, the 4000K (without the self-closing when it rains setup) runs $230 suggested retail; add on the automatic rain sensor (and "smoke colored" lid) for an additional seventy bucks by getting model 4500K. Visit for more information. Sorry, no field test on this model--we'll let you know if we can lay our hands on one.


Bill B said...

I like the thought of a 10 speed control, BUT we have one of the old ones with a full varible speed control from 0 to 100%. I don't know why they ever did away with it in the first place. Seems to me like they made it a lot more complicated than it should be.

We also have an even older on with the solar panel on the top of the cover that does not use battery power, just sunlight that will suck the hot air out of the trailer without shore power (like when it is in storage). Sometimes these things are not really new at all.

Fox said...

I have vent covers that go over my maxxair.... no real need to re-invent the wheel. Also as said before mine has 100% control from 0-100% operating speed... I like that much better

Stew said...

I'm still pondering whether to switch to that one or just stick with mine although right now they have good skylight prices in Tesco.