Thursday, October 01, 2009

Putting up the RV for the winter? It's a "wrap" with Doctor Shrink

OK, we admit it--we probably won't be the first in line for this unusual idea, but some RVers might find it just the trick for keeping their RV out of the elements for the season. Have no fear (of weather intrusion) Dr. Shrink is here.

Forget about those Tyvek RV covers that flap in the wind. Forget about blue tarps that blow away. Dr. Shrink helps you become your own do-it-yourself shrink wrapper! First, (it says in the fine print) a solid framework is set up to ensure the best protection from causing the cover material falls or slides. Then with Dr. Shrink's clever caps, the rig is ready for wrapping. Lay a layer of shrink wrap over the rig and take after it with a heat gun.

The end result? Your RV is wrapped up tighter than a spider's dinner leftovers. If you're concerned you may access to the rig before next season, Dr. Shrink provides accessory "doors." No need to fear a build up of excess moisture under the cover, you can include the good Shrink's vents that mount right into the shrink wrap.

When it's time to hit the road, simply approach your slumbering RV mummy with a pair of scissors or other cutting instrument and free the captive. Don't worry about pollutin' the environment, Dr. Shrink can set you up with a nifty recycle bag. Check out for full details.