Friday, June 19, 2009

Get the Stink Out with "What Odor?"

We're typically suspicious of any product that capitalizes on the "As Seen on TV" tag. And so with some trepidation we checked out a jug of a new deodorizing product called "What Odor?" But as any RVer can testify, it seems like if a funny smell can go anywhere, it will surely make its way into your RV.

One nasty spot is the plastic waste basket. Be it in the kitchen, the bathroom, or anywhere else, these guys have memory for smell that rivals the recall capacity of a pachyderm. We'd tried the usual kitchen spray products to no avail, but when the new "What Odor" arrived, we gave it a shot. And that's all it took. One shot.

OK, how about something really tough? The "What Odor" folks suggest it works on the worst of smells--skunk--but we weren't willing to go out and try tracking down Peppi LePue or any of his kin for a field test. What to do? A few weeks went by and the phone call came in: RVing friends of ours had been away from the rig for a few days, the refrigerator in their fifth wheel had "conked" and they were left with the smell of decomposing food enough to run them out of their home.

They'd tried everything in the "standard remedy" file, from baking soda to coffee grounds, charcoal briquettes, and other odd nostrums. Nothing seemed to be cutting it. We handed over our bottle of "What Odor" and asked for a checkback. Unlike the waste basket, one shot didn't do it. However, after three whacks at it, one shot per day, the report his wafted into us that, "It's about 80% better. Where can we get more?"

If "What Odor" can do something like this, on as bad a smell as decomp, there must be something to it. the company says the product doesn't "mask" the odor, but rather, eliminates it. We can't argue the point, it seems to do what it says. You can't run out and by this at the corner RV store, however. Check out the web site at What will you pay? The big specialroonee is a two-fer deal. Buy one 16 ounce spray bottle and the outfit will toss in another 16 ouncer. You know what's next: But wait there's more! They'll also toss in two free 6 ounce travel bottles! With shipping and handling fees, you're out about $30.


Everett said...

There are numerous odor eliminator products available. Any janitorial supply company should have several to choose from. Just ask for a non-perfumed odor eliminator and it should be less than $30.00 per gallon. Drycleaners also have this available through drycleaning supply companies. They work by chemically unlosking the odors and neutralizing them.

Anonymous said...

Hell yea it works completely ELIMINATES I can hardly believe it.

Anonymous said...

What Odor is much cheaper than $30.00 a gallon if ordered in mass. If you are a business or company that needs large amounts, search the What Odor? websites they really help you out, and it works 100% so your not wasting any many, but if you believe it doesnt work 100% money back guarantee.