Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What’s Going On Inside Your RV Refrigerator? Now You Can Know For Sure!

Camco’s digital refrigerator monitor makes life easier for RVers because it will tell you BEFORE your food spoils and give you a chance to do something about it. It sounds off with an alarm and flashes a warning light when temperatures exceed high or low limits that you set. It has a nice digital display and sells for around $19 bucks. Check it out here: Camco Products

Friday, June 08, 2007

New Product Reduces Blunt Trauma To the Head

Here is Camco’s latest addition to making RVing safer. These slide-out corner protectors are designed to stick to your slide-outs. The rubberized cushion won’t prevent you or the kids from “bonking” their heads, but it will cushion the blow. I’ve bumped into my slide-out corners numerous times and let me tell you that it doesn’t feel good! These protectors will definitely help, especially on the bedroom slide-out on 5th wheels. Look for them wherever Camco products are sold or order them online here: Camco Products

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cool off Fido with new pet fan

Fan-Tastic Vent Corporation, manufacturer of the 12-volt Endless Breeze fan is now offering a new swing-out hanger arm that allows easy attachment of the fan to the side or front of a pet crate.

Cool your pet before, between and after performance runs or while traveling. It delivers the equivalent of a constant 10 mph wind using an automotive type fan blade and motor. Standing only 14 inches high on retractable legs and less than three inches thick, it travels and stores easily and weighs under five pounds. Endless Breeze easily plugs into most standard DC outlets or operates on 110 volt AC with a 4-amp converter.