Friday, February 23, 2007

Kar Kaddy SS

The Kar Kaddy SS is a great choice for RVers because the engineers actually listened to us RVers before they designed it! Here is Brad Vander Pol - one of the guys who listened to us RVers and brought the information to the engineers. He was demonstrating this product at the recent Quartzsite RV show. I saw this system and loved it! Why? We currently own a 5th wheel but may switch to a motorhome in the future and what will I do for a towing system? I most definitely will purchase a Kar Kaddy SS.

It is foldable as the tongue folds back to the side and the ramps fold up for a neat and small profile that will actually “fit” in your campsite. It starts out 133 inches long and folds up to 67 inches. This unit will save you money because you can load almost any car or truck onto it and not have to make any major adjustments. It has a hydraulic surge braking system so you don’t have to buy a separate braking system for your towed vehicle and you don’t have to buy a separate lubrication pump or mess with anything like that. If you decide to buy a different towed vehicle you don’t have to change anything – just drive it right onto the Kar Kaddy and hit the road.

You just drive up the “SURE-GRIP” loading ramps and it automatically locks in place. The ramps fold up after the car is driven into position so you don’t have to mess with stowing them. With less than 100 pound tongue weight, low center of gravity and auto-steer cornering you are assured of the best possible handling characteristics. This unit is also only 101 inches wide.

The engineers even listened to us about the color scheme. We didn’t like the old brown color and paint chipping problems, so they changed it to galvanized steel and chrome wheels. Sweet ! It has sealed bearing hubs mounted on 14 inch wheels with Goodyear Marathon Radial tires. It also has very bright LED tail lights for more illumination and longer life. You can also order an optional deflector shield.

You can get more information at this website or you may contact Brad Vanderpol directly at
800 543-3626 or send him an email at

Thursday, February 22, 2007

X-amine Your (Cable) Zipper!

Ah, the joys of modern technology: News from around the world at our fingertips. Instant sharing of photographs with loved ones near and far. The mess of electrical and data cords near the computer and entertainment center.

Finally, somebody has done something to help us out of our technological misery: "Cable Zipper." Is this a case of XYZ? Maybe so! It's a clever plastic device that allows you to bundle up your cables and cords and neatly "zip" them up in one bundle. Then you can simply squirrel that one fat cord out of the way.

Where else but at Camping World? For a little over $14 a pop, street price, you can use your special club membership to get a price reduction. Check out Cable Zipper at Camping World.
Camping World photo

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blister Help

Want to prevent a blister on that upcoming hike to the waterfall, the bird watching excursion or that nature trail? Worse, do you already have a blister? Now there is help in the form of a new product called Blist-O-Ban blister bandage.
This new product is a two-layered bandage that re-creates the natural protective qualities of a blister. The top layer slides over the bottom layer greatly reducing any friction which causes blisters in the first place. “It uses an artificial blister to take the sting out of the real thing.”
These new RV friends come in 3 sizes with a smaller style in the works for your tender toes. Prices range from $7 to $8 for a package of six. You can read more at the web site

New device optimizes RV electrical efficiency

Xantrex Technology Inc., has announced the launch of the first power factor corrected AC to DC converter with advanced three-stage charging, for the RV market.

Increasing battery life and minimizing charging time, three-stage charging provides cost savings and convenience for RV owners. Power factor correction (PFC) optimizes the electrical efficiency of the converter, maximizing the remaining AC power available to all other AC loads such as kitchen appliances and air conditioning. The Xantrex AC to DC Converter is available in three power levels; 40-amp, 60-amp, and 80-amp, with an optional distribution panel available in either a 30-amp or 50-amp incoming AC rating; providing a complete AC and DC distribution solution for RVs.

A low electrical noise emission product, the Xantrex AC to DC Converter line meets the strict noise emission standards of FCC (Class B), so it does not interfere with radios, televisions and wireless devices. An ultra-quiet fan keeps noise levels to a whisper; essential when installing the converter within the small confines of an RV.

The simple, standard mounting of the Xantrex AC to DC Converter enables easy installation and serviceability, making this unit attractive for RV manufacturers to include as a ‘must-have’ feature in their product lines.

Learn more here.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tire Pressure Relief

Yesterday while driving to Casa Grande, Arizona I saw a 5th wheel being towed down the opposite lane doing freeway speed, both tires blown on one side, smoke spewing, sparks flying while the driver happily drove down the road without a care. A few weeks ago a guy pulled into a spot next to me with this tire. This shredded tire wobbled on a travel trailer most of the way through Joshua Tree National Park because the driver didn’t know it had blown. His tandem axle was able to hold the trailer up while he unknowingly dragged this tire through the park. Have you ever had a flat on your coach not knowing it until someone drove by waiving, honking and pointing? Here is the solution to this problem. Meet Mike and Pat McFall. They are Pressure Pro dealers. This system has been around for 4 years now but deserves another look. The purpose of this system is to monitor your tire pressure while you drive. What a great invention!
The National Tread Act mandates that all new automobiles sold in the United States in 2008 must be equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems. However, this act doesn’t apply to trucks, semi-trucks or RVs, so you'll have to purchase a system like this if you are going to enjoy this kind of protection.

The system consists of external sensors that screw onto the tire valve stems and feed tire pressure information to the system monitor in your cab. Installation is simple and the system has a one year warranty. Now you can rest easy as you drive and enjoy the RV experience because you know your tire pressure is correct and when a tire begins to fail you will know it immediately.

You may contact Mike & Pat at or call them at (850) 294-0281

Here is Mike and Pat's rig

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

MaxxFan All Weather Ventilator System

The MaxxFan is the only complete RV ventilation system that incorporates a vent, fan and rain protection in a single all-in-one-unit. When opened the MaxxFan’s unique design automatically deploys a rain shield. When closet the rain shield folds up under the vent cover in a low profile. MaxxFan fits standard 14” by 14” RV roof vent openings. Comes standard with a manual knob located in the ceiling and has an optional remote control system. It has a 12 volt fuse protected fan motor with a 12 inch 10 blade 3-speed fan. It has a thermostat which is very important if you leave pets in the coach. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty. You can read more about this new product at or call 800-780-9893

Flash Price on Digital Multimeter

Wow! This price may not last too long: $2.99 for a very functional digital multimeter--a tool every RVer should have in their toolbox.

What do you do with it? Our big bug is checking battery voltage, making sure our precious battery bank is always kept up to snuff. But there's oh so much more you can do when "teching" around your RV. A multimeter can help you track down shorts, "mystery loads," verify good, safe "shore power" in an RV park, a host of things.

Harbor Freight Tools has their CenTech 90899 seven-function meter on sale for $2.99. Don't know how long the sale will last, but hey, at this price get several--keep one in your rig, and one in all your vehicles. Check out the sale sheet at Harbor Freight Tools.

Monday, February 12, 2007

New Winegard Tripod Prototype

HOT Scoop on Winegard and Hughes Satellite

While attending the annual internet satellite rally at Augies RV Park in Gila Bend, Arizona, we were treated to some great news, and remember you heard it here first!
Ray Klett gave a presentation informing us that the Winegard Corporation has reached an agreement with Hughes Satellite not only to manufacture, sell and support the new “DirecStar” mobile automatic internet satellite system (more information here: ), but it has also agreed to work with Hughes Satellite to support non-motorized satellite mounts.

Why is this significant you ask? Because Hughes Satellite (who bought out Direcway last year) has never (until now) recognized the stand alone non-motorized satellite systems. Those tripods you see around campgrounds with the large parabolic dishes mounted on them were never officially authorized” by anyone.

Winegard recognizing the value of a partnership servicing this growing community of stand alone satellite users has diligently worked on a prototype tripod system. This prototype is very strong and therefore durable. It is also very well engineered – hat tip to the engineering department – because this unit has very accurate satellite pointing capabilities.
It also has an excellent fold-out fold-up capability. Since this is a prototype they are still working on it and refining it, but they are off to a GREAT start! New users will now be required to go through training to setup their satellite units which, in my opinion, is a great idea! Hughes is developing the training program and should start training sometime in March 2007. Here is the prototype foot - those of us at the seminar thought that the legs should be telescopic and the feet should be able to be "steaked" to the ground. Stay tuned for more extiting breaking news here on your "Great RV Gear" Blog!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Coffee Filter Dispenser

Let’s see now, I’m still half asleep and I found the coffee, but what did I do with those filters? Ah, here they are, now if I can just get these things to come apart so I can have just ONE filter! Sound like your mornings?

Well, this little problem has just been solved with Camco Manufacturing’s newest addition to its Pop-A line of products the all new “Pop-A-Filter”.
This dispenser mounts easity under your cabinets and holds standard basket coffee filters and numbers 1,2 and 4 cone coffee filters. This unit comes in white and is 7 1/8 inches in diameter.

Look for them wherever Pop-A- line of products is sold or order them online here

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pricey Monitor for Road-Time Peace of Mind

Leave the house to snowbird but worry about "what goes on back home"? Or maybe you’ve got that nice half-million motorhome investment sitting down in storage--is everything OK there? Maybe the "Sensaphone" is what you need. A pricey ($395) gadget, the Sensaphone 400 is like having a silicon chip security gaurd who stays up all day a night looking for trouble.

What kind of trouble? Well, let’s say you’re RVing through Texas, and back home in Minnesota the furnace breaks down. Sensaphone detects that a pre-set "low" temperature has been met, and your pipes are in danger of freezing. Sensaphone picks up your phone and calls up to four different folks, letting them know there’s a problem. Or maybe (heaven forbid) your smoke detector goes off, the power goes out. Any of these things cause the Sensaphone to rocket into warning mode, calling, and recalling, until somebody responds. For a few extra bucks, you can even get the "add on" thermostat module that allows you to remotely reset the high and low side of the home (or RV) thermostat.

Even if nothing goes wrong, you can also "call home" and have your system "run down" the status, maybe even "listen in" to your home for a few seconds. Of course, you’ll need a telephone line at the location where Sensaphone is doing it’s e-watchdog routine, so some RV storage locations may not be up to the assignment. Nevertheless, it’s another one of those, "Gee, think of what technology can do," things. Check out the full-scoop on Sensaphone’s website.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hydralift RV Motorcycle Lift

“Whoever said you can’t take it with you didn’t have a Hydralift motorcycle lift.” Now that is saying something! Meet Brad Michaels the sharp manufacturer rep for Hydralift. Brad was showing off this one of a kind hydraulic motorcycle, golf cart, snowmobile, ATV 4 wheeler and just about anything lift. The things that make this lift unique is that it is the ONLY hydraulic lift. It has an automatic locking system where the locking arms automatically drop down onto 1” solid steel pins when in the travel position. Automatic means that you don’t have to manually insert pins or bolts. Now that is nice since I usually forget where I laid my truck keys let alone where I left the locking bolts. This is also the highest lift, meaning that you don’t have to worry about dragging on steep curbed entrances to gas stations or driveways.

One of the absolute best features of this unit is that your towed vehicle is towed from the frame of your RV and not from the lift without the use of lengthy extensions. Don’t strain your back trying to load your ride, just roll it on from ground level by yourself and when you get to where you are going, roll it off by yourself. Easy! Visit the Hydralift website at or give Brad a call at (949)559-5372. Brad would love to talk to you about this system and recommend a dealer where you can have one installed.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sea Eagles New 8.10 Yacht Tender

Sea Eagle comes out with a new addition to their fleet of inflatable boats. The new 8.10 YT Yacht Tender is a great all purpose portable boat. RVers have enjoyed Sea Eagle inflatable boats for years and now they have introduced an incredible “high pressure inflatable drop stitch floor” which is much lighter and easier to store and transport. It is composed of thousands of tiny threads that attach to the top and bottom layers of the floor. This new construction creates a floor that is flat and only 2 inches thick. These threads allow for high inflation pressure which makes a rigid and firm floor. It takes only 7 minutes to fully inflate this boat. This boat if perfect for RVers because it stores neatly in an RV storage compartment or the trunk of a car.

You get the boat, floor, seat, oars and pump all for under $1000. You can see videos and read more about this product at: