Sunday, January 21, 2007

Portable Greenhouses

For you snowbirds with a green thumb who like to grow tomatoes and flowers in the desert but find it difficult because of the nighttime freezing temperatures, Flowerhouse TM is just the ticket.

We’ve been at Edwards Air Force Base Family Camp the last few days and I couldn’t resist taking these pictures of this portable greenhouse. It measures 5 feet wide by 5 feet long by 6.6 feet High and is self erecting. The night before last our exterior water hose froze and that would ruin a nice tomato plant unless of course you had one of these. This is the clear “Planthouse 5” and costs $159.00 delivered. The wind here routinely gusts up to 25 knots or more and this greenhouse stays right where it was planted, held in place by stakes. Flowerhouse carries many different models and sizes. They are all portable and can be assembled in less than five minutes. Here is the website: If you want to order these on the internet here is a dealer with free shipping:

They even have opaque storage units that resemble a regular back yard shed.

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