Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Never stop to ask for directions again!

Here, sad to say, is a fact of life: Guys hate asking for directions. They’ll drive around in circles before they will stop to ask where to find, say, an RV park. Women find this amusing and frustrating. Guys think it’s perfectly normal behavior.

So here is a simple solution to this age old situation: Get yourself a navigation system that will point you exactly where you want to go. The Pontus PNAV-3530 from Hyundai is a powerful multimedia navigation unit that helps you plot and guide your route. Let's say you're planning a road trip to Las Vegas or maybe or Mt. Rushmore. No problem: just enter your destination and the navigation software will plot the best route. With voice prompts and a 3.5-inch visual display the PNAV-3530 replaces those large, cumbersome fold-out maps with a safe and efficient delivery, making it easier to travel and avoid driving the RV into a telephone pole! In addition, the PNAV-3530 multimedia functions allow you play your favorite MP3 music files and view photos of family and friends. And a really great thing about this system is that it’s portable, so it’s easy to move it from one vehicle to another. Done driving the motorhome? Then bring it with you in the dinghy. Learn more about this nifty device from

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